Utah Tech University

Online Homework Storage

With online storage becoming more reliable and secure, usb drives are becoming a thing of the past. Storing files online (especially homework), has many advantages: your files are available on any computer you are using (even your phone), the data is backed up on a secure server that you don’t have to worry about, and you can share files and collaborate with others online. While there are many advantages to these solutions, there are also some drawbacks such as storage limits and monthly fees. Here are some great, free online storage solutions and what they offer:

Google Drive – 15GB free to start and syncs with your gmail and other google products. Easy file sharing with others and syncs between devices with google drive installed.

OneDrive – Microsoft’s answer to Google, same amount of free space, easy file sharing and syncs between devices

www.dropbox.com – This is a very popular online storage solution, and for good reason. It offers 2gb of free storage, a very user-friendly interface, and accessibility from just about anywhere (including your cell phone). It also lets you create a folder on your computer that you can simply drag files into, which are then automatically uploaded to your account. There are also paid accounts which give you more space if you need it.

www.box.net (not to be confused with dropbox) – This is another popular application similar to dropbox. It has the most user-friendly interface available. It is easy to navigate and very responsive. You get 5gb of free space BUT it has a limitation to files no larger than 25mb. Most pictures and documents are much smaller than this, so for most storage needs this is fine. Like dropbox you can also share files and folders with others and collaborate via your files.

www.mozy.com – Mozy offers 2gb of free space with unlimited file size similar to dropbox. The user interface is not as clean as dropbox or box but is works fine. Also I could not find an app for Mozy on a Droid phone like with the others so this could be a drawback for some.