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Usernames & Passwords

New Digital-ID Changes

Starting May 16th, 2015 your username will be your digital-id proceeded with a ā€œDā€

For example: D00001234
If you have an employee and a student account they will be combined into the digital-id. The digital-id will use your employee password. Please make sure to setup your security questions for password resets at This will allow you to change your own password in the future.


Also referred to as your Student ID number, Banner number, Employee number, Digital ID and/or User ID, is an 8 digit number, it can be found on your Campus ID card or logging on to

Student Services


Please contact the HelpDesk to have your password reset. Once you have reset your password you will need to go to
Login and setup your Security Questions. Once you have setup your security questions click on the link “Change Password”.